Shoppers leaving rave reviews for Base Yoga acupressure mat for relieving back pain and better sleep

‘Spa-result relaxation’: Over 1,800 shoppers swear by this acupressure mat for relieving back pain and improving sleep (and it’s on sale for £24)

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If you’re looking to reap the rewards of a deep tissue massage from the comfort of your own home and get unlimited uses for the price of one session, then an acupressure mat should be on your radar. 

According to over 1,800 five-star reviews, the Base yoga Acupressure mat and Pillow is a ‘game changer’ for those dealing with muscle pain, stress and poor sleep.

By stimulating the body with acupressure spikes, the mat helps to trigger points in the body to release tension. And according to thousands of glowing testimonies, it’s seriously effective. Better still, the highly-rated Base yoga mat is now on sale for just £23.99 (was £26.99). 

Over 1,800 Amazon shoppers have left glowing five-star reviews for the Base yoga Acupressure mat and pillow, raving about how it relieves tension and aids a better night’s sleep 

The Base yoga Acupressure Mat has thoughtfully positioned spikes that connect with the skin to stimulate pressure points to help release tension and encourage relaxation. 



While it may look intimidating, the Base yoga acupressure mat works similarly to the ancient traditional Chinese practice of acupuncture as an effective way to release pain. 

The rounded points of the spike won’t actually puncture the skin but will work to stimulate and trigger points on the body to release blocked tension.

Encouraging the body to release endorphins, the mat has been hailed as an effective solution to a myriad of problems. Helping to both calm, energise and soothe muscles, it’s no wonder why it’s been snapped up by over 2,000 shoppers already. 

If you’re looking for a way to relieve tension in your upper and lower back, treat tight muscles, and melt away stress, incorporating the mat into your daily routine could provide some serious benefits.  

Base Yoga recommends using the acupressure mat for just 20 to 30 minutes a day to feel the benefits, with many shoppers noticing a difference after just one use.

While it may feel intense and uncomfortable at first, many shoppers have reported this quickly turns into a feeling of relaxation, with some even falling asleep. 

By improving the blood flow to an area, users have found the mat to release tension, improving aches and pains. Shoppers have also reaped the benefits of using it before bed. As it slowly calms your body, an improvement in sleep is also an impressive side effect.

The mat also comes with a pillow, which can be used on the neck and head to relieve neck pain and tension headaches

The mat also comes with a pillow, which can be used on the neck and head to relieve neck pain and tension headaches

Now on sale, it’s currently a great time to reap the benefits of the Base yoga Acupressure mat for yourself.

While the thought of lying on a bed of plastic nails might not scream relaxation, shoppers have raved about how it gives ‘spa-result relaxation’ and ‘feels like you’ve have a deep tissue massage’. 

One impressed shopper left a five-star review, writing: ‘I sleep very well now (and didn’t at all before), and I dream so lucidly! All the tightness in my back is massively relieved, and in only four days, I feel I have my life back again- genuinely. 

‘For less than £20 (I bought the mat and cushion) I think this is more than worth it’s money.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘Buy mat and pillow you won’t regret it. After a few mins it’s very relaxing. I use it for lower back pain and shoulder pain. It also helps with sleep.

A third penned: ‘I can’t even describe how much relief I felt after just laying on this for the first time. It’s amazing. I would say wear a t-shirt to begin with, just to get used to it, but wow! Life changer.’

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