I reviewed a foot massager which helps you relax while working from home

I really didn’t know what to expect when the TheraFlow Foot Massager arrived on my desk, as it’s an odd-looking piece of equipment.

Made entirely of wood, this holistic device aims to offer healing through reflexology massage, as well as helping relieve plantar fasciitis and other foot pain.

There are a total of 10 carved wood rollers in the massager, five on each side, with grooves cut into them which you roll the soles of your feet back and forth along while sitting down.

The two rollers nearest the heel of the foot have what can only be described as nubbins along the whole length, which provide Shiatsu acupressure points to activate certain areas on your feet that correspond to different areas of the body.

As purely a foot massager, this roller is worth its £15.99 price tag and is incredibly easy to use while you’re sitting down relaxing in the evening, or even at your desk while you work, which is what I did.

The arched design mirrors the natural curvature of the feet for increased comfort, and it’s wide enough to deal with most foot sizes.

Theraflow has endless benefits of consistently using the product

It is a great little device to use to relieve heel and arch foot pain, but it also stimulates blood circulation, so in effect is affecting the whole body, a bit like traditional reflexology. Anyone who enjoys a session of reflexology with a therapist will appreciate the benefits and ease of this roller.

Made from durable and sustainable wood, this sturdy little roller features non-slip strips at the bottom that prevent the massager from flipping over and also protects your floor. It is refreshing to get a health device that isn’t made of plastic.

The only thing you need to be careful of when first using, is not to roll your feet along it for too long or they could become sore. They need time to get used to the pressure and movement, and it’s best to restrict your massage sessions to 10 minutes a couple of times a day.

It arrives in a neat little box with a comprehensive set of instructions and maps of both feet so you can see how the roller helps relieve tensions in all areas of the body.

You can order your TheraFlow Foot Massager here at Amazon.

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