Acupressure mat influence: pressure and pain are a detail of the previous

An acupressure mat appears tempting for the reason that it is reported to be a genuine miracle employee. BRIGITTE tells you what’s at the rear of it and how to use it appropriately.

Pressure reduction, rigidity aid, ache reduction, improved sleep – what far more could you want from a product that does not even have to be taken or used? An acupressure mat is supposed to do just that. The fine plastic tips of the foam mat guarantee a massaging influence and should really for that reason be sustainable increase properly-remaining. But what’s powering the hype? What kinds of mats are there, how a great deal do they price tag and what do I use them for? We will answer these and other inquiries!

Where does the acupressure mat appear from and how does it work?

The origin of the acupressure mat – also acknowledged as fakir, yantra, nail, needle, vitality and therapeutic massage mat – lies in the Classic Chinese Drugs, TCM for short. Listed here it is assumed that your human body of distinctive meridians is passed through. As soon as these are blocked, your entire body is far more inclined to discomfort or even ailments. A Yantra mat is supposed to support, since nail boards were being already applied in India to launch individuals from their blockages. The weakened model of a mattress of nails is the acupressure mat as we know it right now.

The result of a fakir mat is popular. so can treats a variety of illnesses – these contain problems, neck pain, pressure, sleep diseases, stress and stress. We will explain to you down below how the right cure for the specific complaints appears to be like like. It is essential to know: With their plastic strategies, they be certain relaxation of the muscle groups, improved blood circulation and therefore also assist to create new electrical power. An acupressure mat is specially practical for stress and worry to launch blockages as a result of targeted acupressure.

The ideal acupressure mats for helpful motion

A standardized mat has a length of up to 75 centimeters and a width of up to 46 centimeters and is priced in various locations. There are massage mats that can be procured from as small as 20 euros, even though others price close to 100 euros. We have selected the most effective models for you.

The bestseller from ShaktiMat (77 x 42.5 cm)

the ShaktiMat is an complete bestseller. With this solution you are promised pure relaxation, improved properly-remaining and good generation. Your rest should enhance and pain really should be relieved – and that with just 20 minutes of everyday use. The shopper assistance is also convincing primarily based in Germany, even though the mats are created in a women’s workshop in India. Purely natural organic cotton and recycled foam are used for this.

The thermal mat from Thermo Mysa Duo (110 x 48 cm)

This massage mat has a modest update, because with the heat perform it also ensures pleasantly heat relaxation. the Mat by Thermo Mysa arrives with a pillow, which is also wonderful for relieving neck discomfort. The mat by itself is stuffed with plant fibers and has additional than 10,000 nubs.

The More Prolonged by Lixada (120 x 42 cm)

The XL variation of the Lixada acupressure mat. In addition to a pillow, two therapeutic massage balls and a carrying bag are also integrated in the package. It also convinces with its skin-pleasant cotton cloth, which would make it hypoallergenic. No poisonous substances were employed in the balls either. Thanks to the carrying bag that is provided, the mat is also best for travelling. So you really do not have to forego the influence when you’re on the go – simply because long-distance journey by airplane in individual signifies a ton of strain for some, which causes them to cramp. In addition to complications, tension and tension, the mat also aids with delicate and long-term sciatica.

The Price of TOMSHOO+ (68 x 42 cm)

If you initially want to invest a minimal a lot less for your first acupressure mat, this is the TOMSHOO+ Mat a great preference. It also comes with a pillow, a carrying bag and two therapeutic massage balls, but it only charges 30 euros. Produced by health therapists, the brand’s acupressure kit functions additional than 7,800 plastic nubs that are mentioned to get the job done like acupuncture. Non-toxic and recycled Stomach muscles plastic was used for the ideas.

The Superb by Wellax (74 x 44 cm)

The Product by Wellax is 100% stuffed with coconut fibers and promises a great all-spherical come to feel-very good encounter. System and head ought to be ready to loosen up in no time, which is particularly vital immediately after a extensive working day at operate or a difficult training. Another edge of the superb therapeutic massage mat is the money-again ensure of up to a few a long time soon after buy if you are not satisfied.

The sustainable 1 from Backlaxx (65 x 38 cm)

The plan of ​​sustainability is at the Mat by Backlaxx clearly in target. It is produced in an environmentally welcoming way, is sturdy, antibacterial and is made up of uncooked resources these kinds of as organic coconut fibres, kapok fibers and half-linen. The mat also incorporates a pillow, a fabric and a bag. There are also two audio textbooks with 110 minutes of leisure and an e-ebook for totally free obtain.

What is the distinction in between acupressure and acupuncture?

Equally are well-known therapeutic approaches for the similar well being challenges. Be in acupuncture sharp needles put in the skin – an uncomfortable experience for some. Acupressure, on the other hand, “only” discounts with that therapeutic massage these blockages, as the title previously implies – rather of dotting, it is pressed. Hence, the nerve cells underneath the skin are stimulated and peace sets in.

How do I implement it to make it function?

The Yantra mat has been acquired and you nevertheless don’t know particularly how to use it properly? No issue, we have the answer. In fact, how you use them is dependent on what you want to take care of. In general, you can area the foam mat on the ground, the couch or your bed set it down – whichever way you are most snug with. Mainly because utilizing an acupressure mat is all about a person thing: peace.

lie down again on the mat and gradually get utilised to the plastic tips. The emotion may possibly be a bit unconventional at the commencing, but that will subside after the initial few periods as soon as you distribute your bodyweight more than the total mat: Soon after the tingling experience has subsided, a warm sensation awaits you. Recognize: Your again may possibly be red right after the to start with couple of uses. This is completely typical and not a indication that you simply cannot tolerate the vitality mat. Right after a couple weeks it should really settle down.

You can use clothes for the very first purposes and also later on, a normal t-shirt and coaching trousers are adequate for this. To make the experience a tiny more intensive and thus promote blood circulation even far more, you can also use the mat without clothes.

How typically can I use a massage mat?

Experts say you should really use the mat to have an outcome about 20 minutes a day use – this is also the ordinary time of past buyers. Nonetheless, there are also acupressure fans who sleeping on a therapeutic massage mat or use them for many hrs, for case in point when watching a documentary or listening to audio. Whatsoever you choose, working with a mat for a long time will not hurt you.

Acupressure mat for several illnesses

Acupressure is a person of the most normal techniques to deal with specified illnesses. Listed here, even so, a difference must be made in between common acupressure and the use of a vitality mat. Although back again agony, neck pain, head aches, anxiety and stress and anxiety can all be dealt with just by lying on the mat, see for colds and flu anything unique. This is where by you get the job done best with your fingers. Press on the point concerning your eyebrows for 10 seconds. Then the strain builds up at the bridge of your nose working with your thumb and forefinger.

The following ailments can be alleviated by merely lying on the Yantra mat:

  • a headache
  • back again suffering
  • neck discomfort
  • Herniated disc (the muscle tissue hardened by the herniated disc can consequently be loosened)
  • superior blood force
  • anxiety
  • stress

places exactly where mild exercise routine and changing positions on the mat can assist:

  • cellulite
  • Fibromyalgia (Utilizing a fakir mat is not cozy for everybody suffering from fibromyalgia)
  • Soon after the activity

Common remark: The efficiency of acupressure mats has not been scientifically demonstrated. If you are not sure whether or not you can use a very important mat for your indications, chat to your health care provider beforehand.

By the way, you can find a precise comparison of 10 selected mats in this article.

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